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        Beijing Sinoda Industrial and trading Co., Ltd.
        Tel:010-57163550   13810256995
        Address:No2,Jingyuan Road,Daxing District, Beijing,China
        location: Home > About us > About Us
        About Us

        Beijing Sinuoda is specialized in developing and manufacturing Mechanical CNC machines(woodworking routers, advertising routers and stone working routers,press machines,), CNC Laser machines, Plasma cutting machines, cutting plotters, metal mould engraving machines and other CNC machines. We supply global market with high quality CNC equipment. We are a leading company in this field and are confident in offering the best service and the best quality.

        With many years' hard work and perfect management, we have expanded our product categories to CNC routers, Woodworking machines, advertising machines, ATC machines, stone working machines, carving machines, 3D Scanner carving machines, Cylinder engraving machines, Large carving machines, plasma cutting machines, laser machines, cutting plotters, and so on. We can also customize goods, and offer OEM service. Our products have been exported to many overseas countries, gaining more clients' satisfaction and good comments.

        Hoping that we can be your good and long term honest partner, we wish you can get joy and satisfaction with our products and service.