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        Beijing Sinoda Industrial and trading Co., Ltd.
        Tel:010-57163550   13810256995
        Address:No2,Jingyuan Road,Daxing District, Beijing,China
        location:Home > Product > wooden working machines > cnc router/engraving machine
        cnc router/engraving machine
        Features of the machine: 1,lathe adopts heavy duty T frame industrial structure design,aging shock processing. 2. complete machine adopts imported Delta servo high power drive system. 3. Taiwan planetary reducer system, high precision & high pulling torque. 4. pinion & rack transmission, adopts original imported skew pinion & rack transmission. 5, Standard in line 6 tool changes, standard original Taiwan BT30 tool holder. 6. ATC spindle adopts domestic HD 5.5kw water-cooling spindle, tool changing time about 6 seconds 7. Motion control system adopts newest Weihong Ncstudio special numerical control system. 8. Driving rail adopts original Taiwan imported 25mm square lead rail. 9. Z axis adopts Taiwan TBI original coarse pitch precise rubbing screw rod, high precision transmission 10,Unique Z axis feeding height 250mm, can be suitable for complicated workpiece machining. 11,Imported spindle high performance transducer, high frequency electronic anti-jamming system. 12, Patent design cavate vac-sorb table, minimum adsorb area: 150*150mm, can absorb & clamp. 13, Vac-sorb 5.5kw air-cooling oil free vacuum pump, subatomospheric pressure can reach 0.8Mpa 14, Service oil system for the transmission part of the complete machine, extend the service life for each parts. 16, Cable adopts YC numerical control machine shielding line, can reciprocate twelve million times. 17,Equip with standard America industrial aviation plugs links, soft metal cable sheath, avoids the cable damage situation from the press & bump effectively.
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