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        Beijing Sinoda Industrial and trading Co., Ltd.
        Tel:010-57163550   13810256995
        Address:No2,Jingyuan Road,Daxing District, Beijing,China
        location:Home > Product > CNC laser machines > laser machine
        laser machine
        • SND-1325L

        • Product type:laser machine
        • Product brand:
        • Date:2020-9-16 9:36:3
        • Brief:


        Scope of application: Apparels Sample Production,large format cutting ,leather,shoes,decoration、furniture,advertising,packing and printing,model,artwork, etc. Features: ?The laser adopts industrial under pan structure to ensure the stability and accuracy in high speed. ?X,Y axises adopt the imported high precision straight rail, and pinion and rack transmission to ensure the processing precision.. ? The working table is totally chosen the enclosed stainless steel reticulation plat which special processed that will be easily operated and never be damaged. ?Various informations in Chinese is set on the friendly interface of the computer, and can be operated more flexibly. ?Using the imported gold-plated reflector with big diameter and a 10.6um wave length, and using a ZnSe focuser with a neat focusing point. ?Chosen imported aluminium material aviation frame,the structure adopt a whole design that ensure a most steady performance. ?The first one adopt a USB inserting interface, which supports the insertion and pull while the computer is running, and finishes the data transmission instantly. Thus it will not take up any computer space during the engraving operation. ?Only need one computer to control several routers operation to save much cost. Technology Parameter Model SND-1325L Laser power 100W Laser type CO2 Sealed glass laser tube Working area 1300*2500 Cooling type Water-cooling Engraving scanning speed 0~6000mm/min Max running speed 24000mm/min Cutting speed 0~1000mm/min Laser energy control 1-100% software controlling Least moulding character Chinese:2.0*2.0mm,English:1.0*1.0mm Max scanning accuracy 2500DPI Positioning accuracy ≤±0.01mm Picture Formats DST、PLT、BMP、DXF、AL Software Coreldraw, photoshop, all costume softwares

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