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        Beijing Sinoda Industrial and trading Co., Ltd.
        Tel:010-57163550   13810256995
        Address:No2,Jingyuan Road,Daxing District, Beijing,China
        location:Home > Product > wooden working machines > cnc router/engraving machine
        cnc router/engraving machine
        Scope of application: This machine widely used in industrial board cutting, door factory/furniture factory plate cutting, after carving, carving processing ,and other wood products processing, industry mould manufacturing process, construction decoration, stone, glass, copper, aluminum products processing and advertising products processing industry, etc Machine feature: ?Table-moving and Taiwan presion coarse pitch ball and lead screw for movement along all three axis,ensures steady movement and high working accuracy. ?The whole machine uses high quality seamless welded steel structure, the assembly contact surface is used scraping process, the whole structure high-temperature aging treatment, ensure the high stability. ?Driving rail adopts original Taiwan imported 25mm square lead rail. ?Z axis adopts Taiwan TBI original coarse pitch precise rubbing screw rod, high precision transmission ?Imported high performance transducer, high frequency electronic anti-jamming system.rigid and not deformed. ?This machine adopts Italian original 9KW ATC high-speed air-cooled spindle motor, spindle cooling fully guaranteed, can work long time. ?Use imported Japanese Yaskawa Servo drive system, torque, high precision, fast and stable performance. ?Use Taiwan Syntec controlling system, good compatibility, compatible with type3 /Artcam /Castmate /Artcut /CAD/CAM and other design softwares. Can control the completion of multi-dimensional 3D processing, and can do fast, smooth three-dimensional processing , carving and cutting. ?Patent design cavate vac-sorb table, minimum adsorb area: 150*150mm, can absorb & clamp. ?Vac-sorb 5.5kw air-cooling oil free vacuum pump, subatomospheric pressure can reach 0.8Mpa ?Table is vacuum adsorption countertops which is an international leader technic, made of high strength rigid plastic, high-absorption edge and strong adsorption of different sizes of materials, density, non-deformation. ?Auto-oiling lubrication system, easy to operate, greatly improve the life of the various components of the machine. ?Equip with standard America industrial aviation plugs links, soft metal cable sheath, avoids the cable damage situation from the press & bump effectively. ?Cable adopts YC numerical control machine shielding line, can reciprocate eight million times. ?Automatic switching of the cutting tools, can meet the multistep rapid processing, improve the working efficiency of about 50%. ?Automatic switch processing working procedure, further reduce artificial cost.
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