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        The correct use method of woodworking engraving cutter

        Date:2017-07-07 15:09:33

        The correct use method of woodworking engraving cutter


        Woodworking engraving machine tool in use, what kind of skill do you have? Come on, get to know. 
        1. the jacket size shall be suitable, with the section, not enough circle, wear and wear, the taper of the inner hole must not be selected, otherwise it will cause vibration of the tool shank, and can not achieve the desired effect. 2. the shank should be gentle with the jacket, and the shank should be firmly inserted and tightened. if the clamping sleeve is deformed for too long time, the clamping sleeve must be replaced immediately. 
        3. the tool must always check the toughness. if the use is blunt, please replace it immediately. if you continue to use not only the engraving effect is not good, it will also be easy to happen. 
        4. when using the woodworking engraving machine, it should be noted that the thickness of the processing material must not exceed the thickness of the cutting edge, otherwise, the tool broken will still occur. 
        5. for cutting of different materials, it is necessary to use the appropriate cutting speed, otherwise it is extremely easy to cause the cutting tool damage or material scrap. 。 
        6. when used, the body, clothes and hair shall not be close to the objects in the work, otherwise safety accidents may occur and personnel will be injured. 
        7. the cutting recommendation speed should be balanced, and the speed should be consistent as far as possible to achieve better effect, the cutting process can not stay, and must be coherent. 
        8. the cutter shall use special cleaning agent to remove the dirt. After cleaning, apply proper amount of butter to prevent the tool from rusting. 
        9. do not arbitrarily burnish the tool or change the shape of the tool, otherwise it will affect the quality of the carving and even the personnel safety during the carving process.

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